I Am...

I Am…

It’s sad when you’re young,

And you feel so pained,

Because you lost a great friend,

You’d just recently gained.


Seeing their face,

In a casket so cold;

The only thing you have left,

Is the memories you hold.


It’s sad when you’re young,

And you’re convinced they’re that one,

So you give up your everything,

To find out they were done.


So you gave up your secrets,

Things you can’t get back,

And now self-respect,

Is something you lack.


It’s sad when you’re young;

All the pressure you feel;

The pain keeps increasing,

And none of it heals.


I’ve felt lots of pain,

And a lot was given away,

But that is what makes me,

Who I am today.


Flip open the dictionary,

Turn to the word ‘saved’,

And next to that word,

My name is engraved.

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