I am...

In the beginning we all start off the same

We rely on others to help us grow

To us, life is just a game


We are troublesome and inquisitive

It is life that we don’t quite understand

But as we age we become more intuitive

Thanks to our helping hand


Growing up isn’t a list of simple tasks

More times than none you will fail

Our mistakes are what shape our casks

Into someone who will always prevail


Mindless things will be performed

Ruthless things will be spoken

But it’s these things that make you reformed

Into an unrivaled, valuable token


Disappointment will often reign

While approval will be condemned

You will forget the meaning of sane

As adolescence begins to come to an end


You are in the real world now

Shaped by your previous actions

Your emotions begin to sow

And you don’t know how to handle such reactions


But you look back on your life

And realize that you’ll succeed

Because you already went through so much strife

So a little encouragement is all you need


Your family and peers are all around

Cheering you on as you go

They remind you of the times you fell on the ground

When you felt hopeless but didn’t say no


You remember the difficulties that shaped you

Into the person that you are today

You suddenly realize something anew

As a voice tells you something of way


I am great, it says aloud with glee

I am many wonderful things because

I am simply “me.”

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