I’m Fine

When people ask me how I feel

I don’t know how to reply

I feel like I am about to die

But instead I just lie, and seal my fate

With an unreal smile upon my face

I feel I made a deal with the devil

And I’m constantly being chased, but I can’t cry

Instead, I lightly sigh under my breath

The voices tell me to give up

To go into a final rest

I’m tested to wonder why not

No one will erupt with sadness for me

As they dine on “their” fine tasting wine

The voices are sly

Saying no soul would mind

If I vanished, and just quietly died

I am now standing on the edge

My feet are now halfway off the ledge

The voices now screaming insults to my face

I question if my whole life was a waste

No-one could lace my broken heart together

Instead they all faked

Their love was just as dependable

As a feather floating on a cool breeze

Being broken so many times, my heart remains unmendable

No one would ever choose to help me

I remember how instead they mocked me

And as for my friends

They left me like chalk

Running down a rained on sidewalk

I remember my lover

Hating how I hover

Telling me to slow down

Barking orders as if I was a hound

I felt mentally abused, and slapped around

My opinions were always thrown out

I remember my mother

Wishing I was better

Her last words before she passed

Were telling me, she loved me last

~And the wonder why I was a cutter~

I felt a light shove from behind

Only to look back and see that it was I

As I fall to my death, my mind explodes

With so many rhymes and good things untold

Then the voices were gone, and I was alone

I wanted to go back, and undo what’s been done

But now it’s too late, I’m already gone

I turn away from the ground toward the moon

It’s face in such sadness and gloom

My fall came to a sudden stop

I felt my body twitch just after the drop

My eyes began to close, and my sight began to blur

I heard light whispers luring my soul

Telling me sweet nothings as they crowed

I realize my death will be just as life, alone with no one

Filled with pain and strife

At least then, things could have changed

Oh, how I wish my life choices were unarranged

Now I’m trapped in an everlasting loop

Watching my life swirl over and over as in soup

Unable to warn myself of past mistakes

I scream “For heaven’s sakes!”

But he still goes ahead and takes his last jump

And I watch his body fall to a lump

I was only a bump in space

Something here and gone without a trace

I looked at the moon, it’s face still in much disgrace

But I finally accept my fate

Knowing it’s all too late

So everything began going black

I know my life was out of whack

But I still wish I could have it back

And now I go to rest with so much pain

But remember, this was my story with so many having the same

This needs to end, just as my fall

You all need to lend

That someone your hands

Please mend, what has been

You need to become the good rhymes

That will delightfully chime

Every time one of these voices get inside their mind

That is my last wish and all that I ask

But I leave you with this

Life’s worst lie there is

And it begins with……

I’m fine

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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