I’ll Make a Change

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:35 -- thaojen


United States
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Some say that tomorrow will be better
But from what I’ve seen
Everyday seem to be bitter

I sat there with my siblings
Hearing all these yelling
My mom tried to hold her tears
As though her last breath

I watch my mother and siblings yelling at each other
But all I can see is though
The chain that tied us together had been broken
I wish this wouldn’t have happen

Many things filled my head
But no word came out
Instead my tears

The tears that I’ve save and lock away
The tears that I’ve promise never to waste
The tears that stream slowly down my cheek

I turn my head toward my mom
There, I see the depression of sadness and sorrow
At that moment I told myself
I’ve got to change!

Every day may be bitter
But who ever said that it’ll always be that way!
For my mother
I’ll make a change!

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