I’d Save You, But I’m Too Busy Untying Myself

I’ve been sailing for some time now,

Even if I’m not sure how.

Been here since the sun was bright,

But now it’s pale and lacks that light.

I do all to make it float,

But I’m so close to just leaving a note.

Every thought I think,

Brings me closer to a ship that sinks

Heavy heart-shaped anchors

With dagger-sharp answers.

Black self-esteem puffs from the boiler room.

“Fine day!” is my non de plume.

I built this monster with my own vanity

Now all it is, is a floating travesty.

Cannons on all sides are creeping in,

It’s like I committed original sin.

Open waters let me drift away

Where no one can say they want me to stay.

They warned me a captain goes down with the ship,

Guess it’s time to lose my grip…



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