Listen up I got to say something,

This is the start of a new revolution.


Open up your mind and, take these words in.

Realize what I’m speaking of is a sad truth.


More than words on a loose leaf sheet it is a revolution that I speak.

Now listen up very closely to me.


I’m speaking for people just like me that are broken and dying.

That are so sick of the hypocrites that plague our world.


They speak of acceptance and equality.

Fuck that, I see them beating down people just like me.


Reality is you risk something; they point and laugh at you.

You say something that you believe in and they attack you for it.


I'm sick of being treated like this,

Like I’m stupid standing for what I'm standing for.


Like the music I listen to and make is a waste of time.

Like it’s a plague upon the world.


When you’re standing alone listening to lyrics that speak of hope and life.

When you wear skinny jeans and a band shirt.


These fucking hypocrites are laughing at you for being yourself and listening to music that helps   you get through each day.

Then they tell you to have compassion and have some respect,


For a person who stands up for no reason,

Only speaking of only getting wasted and wasting your time on stupid shit.


The rest of the world loves that person at the end of the day,

But in their living room laughing when they hear someone scream, “If only he knew about the      world without the bullshit and the lies, we could've saved him. They could've saved me.         But instead I'm here drowning in my own fucking mind…” and lyrics like “With           bleeding hands I fight for a life that’s beats me down. Stand up and scream while the rest   of the world won’t make a sound.”


In my living room I am not laughing,

‘Cause when you are like me those lyrics mean the world to you.

They speak of hope and a cold truth of the world.

When you hear someone scream, “You aren’t alone,” it means everything to you.


The world is cold to punks and metalheads,

Have to call us fags and dumbasses.


But when you’re 7 years old and you start getting put down for no reason,

You grow up with no hope and tons of pain.


Then you come across music that you can relate to.

That speaks of hope, truth, and makes you forgot that you are hurting inside.


Do you now see that the music many of us hold dear to our hearts isn’t a plague?

It gives us hope and strength to face another day.


It's ironic that many people say that it’s ok to be yourself and to live your life the way you            wanna.

But too many of them laugh and mock you listen to music that has screams and dress in all black.


There's haters and hypocrites everywhere we go,

Inside the markets, the schools, and even random streets.


My dad he doesn’t like punk or metal,

But yet he is proud of me and what I’ve become.


A fighter and a survivor of a cruel world,           

Bring hope through the same music that got me through hell.


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