Wed, 06/25/2014 - 19:11 -- aking97



We’re all surrounded by them

Preaching principles that they don’t even follow themselves

We’re all surrounded by them



Walking contradictions

Telling you to do one thing, but they act against what they say

Walking contradictions



Crafty deceivers

Working hard to make you believe in something that’s not worth the time

Crafty deceivers


They work to promote peace, but act for war

They preach to promote equality, but their racism shows

They teach to be unique, but chastise you when you’re not the same as them

They act to inspire others, but they really don’t care about you


A person full of lies is not fit to speak

If he or she does not mean what they say

Putting themselves on a high pedestal

When they are really no better than the dirt we walk on


There’s 2 sides to their coin:

1 side that is true and 1 side that is fake


The true side enlightens us all to become better

But the fake side doesn’t bother with his own words

They contradict their own moves and spread “teachings” like wildfire

They don’t care about what they have to say because they feel like they know the way


Pretentious, blinded fools

Masked by their own stupidity

Because they can’t see their own mistakes

But only care about the moves you make


And call you out when you do something wrong

You’ll stumble a little, but they’ll make you fall

With their harsh words of scorn and hate

They’re just sealing their own fate


There is no divine throne for liars like these

Their arrogance and deceit will make us believe

In not what they say, but in what we believe to be true

Because they just lie since they have nothing better to do


Don’t fall for their tricks

Don’t fall for their cons

Be on the lookout for anyone who’s false

Or they’ll ensnare you in the game of lies



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