I proudly call for action in one way, and I enforce it all I can

Then I turn around and don’t follow them, but do what is exactly the opposite.

I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t follow my own words, no use in hiding it.

I am a true and proud, honest and loud, a complete and total hypocrite.


I’m a hypocrite because of how I think about others, and what goes on in their lives.

I worry about people as if I’m keeping them alive and in line.

When it comes to me, I tell them how I’m used to it all, and just brush it off like nothing.

I don’t let anyone worry about me. No matter what, I insist! I’m fine!


I’m a hypocrite because of how I make remarks on what happens around me.

I encourage diplomatic conversation, maybe critique a little bit, too.

On the other hand, I don’t hold back, ignoring emotions, give the brutal reality.

If I try to be soft, I’ll sound like I’m heavily patronising you.


I’m a hypocrite because of how I view the world, and it’s complex form.

I encourage an artistic approach to it all, to transcend what can be seen.

Instead, I take an empirical approach, relying on solid facts and information.

Data is all I need on my side, pure, solid, and pristine.


I’m a hypocrite because of how I feel about love, and the consequences it brings.

I quickly bring two people together strong; I’m a wingman of massive success.

But I have only had a crush twice, both ending badly for myself.

So I try to ignore the feeling, under caution that it could leave me as mess.


Sure I call to move in one direction and I move the other way

I’ll tell you what is best to do in the scenario, but for myself, I’ll do as I please.

Why should you care? You’re not being hurt. If anything, you’re being saved some pain.

Now, I’m indestructible, I won’t be fazed. I’ll get through with ease.


I like taking the dangerous road, but I won’t let anyone else on

I have my rationale. I know it’s weird. Just don’t question it.

You won’t understand. It’s beyond most people. Just let it go.

You won’t get hurt, I’ll have some fun. I’m a hypocrite; that’s how I roll.

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