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The Opposite


What do you say?

Words are the pay

To a bank account of feelings

That can make or break your day

The need to withdraw a compliment,you have none

Even when you’re nice to others, Everyone thinks you’re not worth the investment and are done.

Who are you?

And who will you be?

Someone with no self confidence

Is this the real me?

Bankrupt with not a single cent.

Broken on the floor, bent

A partnership, needing to be found

Starting up on newgrounds

A step in your quest for unlimited funds

Not stopping even when you’re shunned,

Not giving up because you’re bank account of life is not weak

Worth the investment because your potential has no peak

Limitless in Power with self confidence, able to check your wallet, filled with complements

To do well in this life you must first believe.

Then your goal to happiness will be complete.


Written By Braeden M Zeitler



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