Combined mix of favorite songs and
an endless combination of what is yet to come 
Her entire life she’d be told what she couldn’t do
he gave her hope of what she could do
Gathering from past experience, she was hurt
her eyes held pain, his hands held hers
Broken from countless mishaps before
both held on to each other tighter than ever
No one ever believed how much they’d been through
they balanced each other in the worst ways possible
He spent his nights on the bathroom floor, 
regretting the small meals of the day
She spent her nights in the corner of her bed, 
crying from the pain of the latest scars
He spent his nights sleeping off what he couldn’t handle,
not knowing how to deal with anything correctly
She spent her nights staring out the window,
tears streaming down her face because of him
They both worried about each other, 
worry growing worse with time
She knew that there would be a day that she 
held his hand while he laid in hospital beds
It didn’t bother her too much, until the 
thought of losing him crossed her mind
Life was already difficult enough with his presence 
what would it be without him?
He knew that there might be a day without her
one night the cuts would be too deep
It didn’t bother him too much, until the
thought settled of what life would be without her
No more cold hands to hold, no more wet lips to kiss
the thought of it sent chills down his back
She’ll lie awake tonight, tracing her scars
dreaming of how he was doing and when she’d see him
He’ll fall asleep tonight, wiping the tears from his cheeks
Wishing that she’d be there to do the same


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