hurricane sandy (and the aftermath)


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

hearing thunderous sounds of wind so profound that it sound like voices
rain pouring so heavy it felt like lifting a car off the ground
tree were blowing so hard that it would've knock mary poppins right off the air
weather was so destructive that it even raise a cat's hair
skie were so grey and dark that it seems like we were held hostage by the storm
and yet people act like it was no big deal like it was a everyday norm
that was very disturbing (what a worm)
impact was so devastating that a college kid was afraid to sleep in one's dorm
at least i was able to get through it. i count my blessings. i never take anything for granted
my heart goes out to those that lost everything (even their lives)
my condolences to families that lost loved ones

the aftermath was officially reported-let's do the math shall we
tri (3) states looks like a ghost town so spooky that ghosts would fly away passing roofs
yet people were spectating outside looking like goofs
2 million are without power
10 fatalities was indicated from last night
all transit systems suspended
definitely something that is not splendid
there are people who are still imprison in their own home
yet, people are still acting stupid so they are not using their dome
value life!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyday is lessons to learn
this is how respect and gratitude is earn

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