around you I feel

a storm of emotions brewing my chest.

most of them

have to do with anger or disappointment in myself.

and you think I would have learned by now

that this is the natural order of life

the way it works when you're around

but I haven't.

each time I find myself

a little more upset; a  fallen tree

a little less willing to forgive; pieces of metal roof strewn along the ground for miles

a little more ready to leave; to be swept away like a speck of dust by the wind.

that's the thing though

water has never apologized for

the way it flows across land

the way it takes with it what it wants

the way it pulls people under choking them

much like you do.

it's pathetic really

how hard you try to be the hurricane.

well darling let me tell you something

a mere mortal can't control nature nor

the impending storm of wind and water

so please stop trying to control me.     


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