The Huntsman's Untold Story

You've heard the magical tales 

Of faraway lands

With flying children, lovesick mermaids

Genies in the Arabian sands


You've heard every tale

Save for one: 

The huntsman whose kindness and accidents 

Led to a life on the run


Our story begins in a kingdom

Ruled by an evil queen

Who was jealous of skin as white as snow

A beauty she had not foreseen


She sent the huntsman into the woods

To kill the sweet Snow White

He followed her with knife in hand

But was restrained by an internal fight


Though he tried he could not bring her

To a cruel death under the tree

But the heart of a wild boar

Could feign Snow White's and set her free


When fired by the queen he fled

To the castle of Prince Charming

He worked as a guard, and at one of the balls

Came across something alarming


The unfortunate circumstance of a beautiful blond

Stuck in spilled pitch on the stairs

He helped her out but left a glass slipper

As she ran, he was left unawares


When the prince asked how she escaped

The huntsman explained his role

How was he to know the prince's plan

Was to catch and win over her heart and soul?


Without a job the huntsman resorted

To what he could do best

He went hunting with his friend, Rafunzel

Deep in the forest out west


"Rafunzel, Rafunzel, let's get that hare!"

He called as it scurried away

And from a tall, stone tower behind him

Dropped locks of hair as golden as hay


He climbed up the rope of hair to find

A surprised maiden at its roots

She said she was a prisoner of the tower

Who needed help to set herself loose


He sent his friend Rafunzel for a ladder

Which carried the maiden and him down

For the huntsman was always eager to help

And always searching for new work in a kingdom or town





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