The starving child's bottomless pit of hunger driving him to desperately seek food to fill his empty tummy.

The hunger for a fresh baked chocolate chip cooking that smells pleasingly sweet and is indeed yummy.

The continuous hunger for knowledge and wisdom that nourishes the spirit and mind.

The unrelenting hunger for a friend whom is loyal, gentle, and kind.

The hunger to hurry Father Time for each long, painful, grueling hour.

But, a hunger to freeze time for each magnificent spring flower.

The escalating hunger to end our brutal inner and outer wars.

A hunger for our dreadful sins to be forgiven, which should not be ignored.

The hunger to grow and better ourselves in order to prevail

and a hunger to never give up even though we might fail.

The yearning hunger for the soft touch from a fairy tale love.

The hunger to fly spiritedly through the deep blue sky on the fluttering wings of a dove.

The urgent, gasping hunger for air from a newborn babe.

A ravenous hunger to survive each passing day.

The repulsive, greedy hunger for fame and fortune.

Hungry for power that causes distortion.

An everlasting hunger to never have to suffer.

The universal hunger to have a close relationship with the Holy Father.

The hunger to peacefully leaves this worldly sod.

The hunger to one day enter the Kingdom of God.

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