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My heart is ice-yours fire.
I have emotions of sorrow,
yours of jealous rage.
Your patience is one to quickly expire,
but love, we are two birds in one cage.

Not a prison, but a cage,
a barrier.
It wasn’t made to keep us in,
only to help us grow merrier
ceasing to commit any sin.

The bars aren’t made of drops of hate,
they were forged of honey
and sweet rose petals,
cooled with my kiss, cold enough to skate,
and frosted with your caress in nice warm metals.

It helps me get through the long hard day
because in reality we aren’t birds stuck,
but our cage hangs high
and sends down a ray.
It shows me it’s my love you pluck.

You are my eagle and I your hummer.
My heart beat, faster than ever before,
when we forged our cage that day of summer,

I love you- Je t’adore.


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