Humanly Unhuman

There is a place away from the city.

Not like anything, a commoner could imagine.

In this place at the end of the day when the noise has silenced and the sky has fallen.

The night performs with lights of every twinkle and shine.

Moreover, the wind picks up ever so gently.

Just to give you enough energy to use your wings to fly high enough to feel the star’s essence.

The colors of the night invite you in.

They welcome your presence.

The deep blue melts into your skin and through your pores until it reaches your heart.

Your beating heart picks up and the sky feels like a silk ocean.

In that moment, you are no longer human.

You have become the breeze in the trees and the chirping crickets.

The flowers become your kind

You no longer grieve.

You no longer worry.

You Live.

Then, right as your journey is coming to a halt, you see it.

Suddenly, with one flick of a light you become reborn.

You then see your father.

He rises quietly slow careful not to wake your newfound kin.

He puts the night to sleep and brightens the land.

In that moment, you are glad you flew, and appreciate the parachute.

As you, slowly fall back down to earth all of your distress returns.

You are human again.

You may not enjoy life, but when you are stuck, you will look out and know that in that moment. That night. You were not like the rest of us. You were a part of something greater. You flew. You soared. You lived.

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