A Human Emotion

Dear soul,

Pain is inevitable, suffering is a figment of your imagination

All of that hatred, all of that frustration

It’ll control you like a corporation

It passes down from generation to generation                          5

Don’t let it be your only motivation                                         

You still have a choice

To be your absolute best

To show off your voice

While still feeling blessed                                                        10

That cliché saying of pain only makes you stronger                

Is true, just as the Father, to whom he brought honor

While it’s necessary to allow you to grow

Don’t let it overflow

Crawling your way out of el barrio                                          15

Pain follows and races you like it does cardio                          

But you can still beat it

By simply looking up

And keeping your head high

It’ll only intensify but you’ll build up                                       20

Once you do, you’ll realize how far you’ve come                     

And that this agony only feels numb

Pain is temporary, and you’ll be thankful of this adversary



Christopher Rojas

This poem is about: 
Our world


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