Human Connection. (Just One Other Person)

So I'm on this island thinking "Oh shit man this is it this is the rest of my life. "  "I ain't gonna get out of here so why even put of a fight."  So what makes it worth it why am I trying where's my light.  Im looking around but all I see in the sunshine is more shades of black, just let it all fade to  black,  Feeling like, man fuck this I'm leaving, not coming back. So where's that one thing that keeps you grounded that keeps you sane that keeps you trying to  play this stupid game?  It's human connection, simple as that, for you I'd go to the end of earth, that's a fact.  Doesn't matter if you'd do the same for me or not we're stuck out out together, and together I  think we got a shot.   So you can go ahead and take the gun rite out of my hand, no wait don't. You think that will stop  me we both know that it won't.   I need this, to know that I can. I can make it......we can make it......we can make it.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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