The pace of humanity is something so grand.

The beauty of our world lies within each face,

Each fallen teardrop,

Each glowing smile.

Though at times we are so greatly flawed,

We can be weak and so easily consumed with darkness,

We are beautiful, and we are awe inspiring.

What makes us imperfect is what makes us something that only the vision of God himself can create: Human,

And that, to be human, is what true majesty is.

The story of us is long and tumultuous and lighthearted and beautiful.

We have come so far, yet have seen so little.

That some say, is the flaw of the people.

But that flaw does not exist,

For we were made to accomplish great feats and be the best we can be.

That aspect of human culture, though it is little spoken of, is what makes each and every person amazing in their uniqueness,

And what makes life truly awesome.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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