Morning Sky,

Rotating Wheel,

Marker stains

Frozen time

Falling sky

Expanding world 

Burning universe

Damp eyes

Ruined clothes

Crying sky

Darkening hands

Red wine 

Evil ink

Ticking clock

Hot wax

Fleeting eyes

Dancing feet

Bound dreams

Closed eyes

Broken hands

Torn dreams

Bloody rope 

Morning sky painted on a canvas. 

A wheel rotating, spinning thread. Hands with marker stains. 

Time frozen in place. 

A falling sky painted on somebody’s face.

The expanding universe controlled by stained hands. 

A burning universe frozen by time.

A girl with damp eyes, such fleeting eyes. 

Ruined clothes, covered by red hot wax. 

God stares at God. 

Darkening hands turn the wine red. 

Red stains aren’t marker.

Closed eyes, broken hands, no prayer. 

Red Stains on the ticking clock.

Torn dreams severed by a bloody rope.

Disapprove human breath. 

Dancing feet, won’t stop. 

The Devil’s hands, warm, shoulder, sizzle. 

Painted stains on a Canvas. 

Broken hands touch the canvas. 

Breathing human time. 

Burning human eyes. 

Ticking human time. 

Darkening hell’s skies. 

Devil crouched in prayer. 

Broken hands, broken mind, tick tock. 

Stained hands, sinful hands. 

Breathe the hands. 

Wash the stains. 

Human lies. 

Human eyes. 

Human breath. 

Human rise. 

Devil cries.

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Our world
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