how we get here part 2


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drunken delirious striving for an invisiable force that leaves me everytime I feel like life has flooded back into these hollow eyes,crusted lips and skulled face. I tried so hard to forget the wrong done on both are parts even tried to say it was all my fought. tried to fight tried to find some hope that i could love you again without getting hurt that i could step in the darkness and bring forth light. but its a lie i never want to cry that way again never want to break down never want to feel like my very soul has been sucked out and left in the ruin of my own pool of pity. i tried to say I dont need you but I continue to look back on joyful day and hurtful fights lazy loving by parks and fist clashing in the rain only to be replace by gentle hands on brownskin caress,tangle hair and kisses like tiny spark slowly burning my soul entwing our very essence ,eroctic cries that shook houses shudder breath and eues filled with passion. bodies writhing grabbing snatching lost in time not caring just trying to be closer two lovers now just me. you use to be me cause I was you and like the perfect popcicles we stuck together frozen in time like happy childhood pictures on grandma piano. now sunny days are unnoticed and the moon has become my one true lover. screaming in my head I hate this person I've become . you took everything left me with nothing but a beautiful nightmareI want to start over again I cant start over again cause you was supppose to be my begining and end seem like the universe is on your side contributing to my loneliness distributing tears that no one see but my brown skin cheeks so accustome to brownskin hands that brush them away put on another face and say hello to al my friends.
love for me is life not just a saying you gave me all i ever wanted . you was the doll i slept with as a child the father who wasnt there to hold me years of looking I thought I found . I was wrong so wrong now look at me doing back flips to keep from goiing insane frigale being sayin pretty words that just that pretty words. I rember the good the bad the ugly but the one that reacurring is when I broke down in the mist of you leaving the door in the middle of the night. the seed was planted and it grew now here I'am I want to laugh through my eyes I want to be loved and not be scared I want to be held I want to be loved I want to be me be loud be quiet be wild read a book scream and go on crazy adventure I want to work properly again .]
broken lost lonely scared hurt seacrhing for comfort for lovr strenght for a purpose .
when did this lioness loose her mane loose her pride loose her roar. I think it started with you.



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