How to Swim With The Great Whites


Kites are in sight in mid summer’s mist

The peak of the sun is at its limit.



The Atlantic Ocean is cozily chilled

Ships sitting on the surface

While the coast is embodied with seals.

Looking beyond the horizon is the home of the tailed menace.



In the depths of the deep there’s so much to see

And even deeper, monsters reveal how dangerous this place can be.



The coral reef is sprung with the sweet sour smell of seaweed

Deep black craters are the only sign of relief.

Along the floors are the hovering beasts

Who prey on the creatures and everything they believe they can seize.



These fifteen foot fiends are complacent,

Accustomed to the thought of no one competing with them  

Because the shining seas is known as their Kingdom.

Swimming together like soldiers in a line,

Camouflaging in waves ready to attack with colors all alike,

These Kings and Queens are known as the Great Whites.


As the white demons glide through the shimmering seas,

They come across an unfamiliar and distant figurine.

Fast as lightning,

Quick as a flash,

Spots and scars revealing the battles of their past,

The Great Whites are anxious to wonder how long this suspense will last.


Beautifully structured at fourteen feet and 950 pounds,

This striped foe can be easily recognized,

Even if not looking to be found.


The Whites and Tigers can make a compatible mix,

They see the Tiger as a vigorous threat,

But it is their curiosity and domination that provides the glue of companionship to stick.

Your consistency of fixing failure makes them question

“How long will it take for it to quit?”


Jealous of the stripes and the way the Tiger swiftly soars,

Filled with hatred of how it strategically catches the biggest fish

And still wants more.

The only way to destroy this prized creature

Is to degrade them of their most precious features.


Size becomes a factor as stripes become a problem.

They say, “The only way to be great

Is to despise and hide them.”

But Tiger Shark, your physicality doesn’t define you,

You were made with greater meaning to pursue.


Yes, they can shadow your marvelous powers

Only to secretly hide that they are the cowards.

You can’t be judged for what the Whites don’t know,

Swim where they ask for now,

And don’t let your rage blow.


Speed becomes overrated because they can’t catch up

Pick fights on purpose to show you can take the cuts.

You’re not an ordinary fish

Because your scales aren’t pearl white

You are fearless and that is why you will always win.  


Your rarities are as curved as your teeth,

Untamed and uncut, you make the Barracuda fish fleet.

Waves should bow down as you prance peacefully across the sea.

As the sun reflects off  your rugged skin majestically.


You have natural ability to become a sensation.

Your art of hunting is a form of intimidation.

When you feel like sinking like a human in the deep,

Remember your worth and that you too,

Can withhold your rightful crown with your wounds to prove

You can, are, and will always be

A dominant species.



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