How long does fire burn?

We fell in love time 

                                and time again

It felt like a different person every era

We consumed each other and every letter

                                                              that left our lips

stringing together phrases that meant

                                                  "I love you" though not said explicitly 


"I couldn't stop thinking about you"

           "Life held no meaning if I wasn't holding you"

                     "I prayed for your happiness, even if it was without me"


And like the time before this one,

                                                     we held each other closely

closer than a flame holds a wick

       holding each other next to a candle

                 so that the flame itself would not go out


Because I love you


and if it were up to me,

I'd wear you daily like the watch you gave me

           But its not up to me 

                   and you are not a watch

                          and the flame does go out




I hope you go a day or two

          without the thought of me

I hope you can listen to the records gave you

                and the songs don't skip without me

Because I want peace for you

                     and I know I'm an unruly thought           My Love




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