How Long Can You Write One

You say you are clever
You say you are wise
You say you have answers
The simple to advise

You say you are smart
A brilliant shinning star
If it was cards a shark
You know you will go far

But my question is different
It has nothing to do with truth
No it's more to do with long winded
Far hitting like Ruth

How long can you write one
How far can it go
How long can you write one
What is the longest story you've told

I know you may say
Who cares anyway
I suppose it's true
Alot of empty words don't have value

But maybe it'd be fun
To read a real long one
Providing one had enough time
To read a real long poem by an author with inventive mind

But if it doesn't make sense
Or if it makes me tense
Then Keep It Simple Stupid
Still I ask this question to every adult or kid

How long can you write one
How boring can it be
How long can you write one
If the internet was free

If you had the time
This is all you had to do with your life
How far could the words climb
About love,hate,friendship,or your neighbor's wife

Could you tell us of future
Could you tell us of past
Could you tell of clear
Or real cloudy ugly glass

Well maybe your not interested
Or you think I'm just weird
You care more about the stock in which you invested
So my question you don't want to hear

Well how long can you write one
And send it to the President
How long can you write one
About all the sins you need to repent

Well I'm sure you may say
Longer than 90 days
Or a mile or 2 long
But words are just words, I want proof: show me the song


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