How I See You

Must you think of yourself like that?

You're a beautiful creature and i am too
When i look into your eyes, i see luminous constellations that float above the roof outside
Billions of stars have died so that you may live
Inside your body you harbor their cosmic power
Running my fingers down further
I feel the boston skyline in the valleys of your spine
This little place doesnt have enough life to keep you alive
Your heart is so full
Wet, strong, and always beating
A steady clockwork in a tidal wave of chaos and confusion
Dont blow it out
Staring at your stomach
I cant help but envision
Every life you'll bring to this earth
Please never let them go
Down further on your legs
Are ripples of sinewy tendons
They are responsible for your leaps through the air
Graceful pirouettes here and there
You are strong, you are beautiful
But what i love most of all is your feet
Step by step, mile by mile
They brought you to me
And i couldnt thank them more
So stay by my side, best friend
You are much more than you see yourself as
Take your finger out of your throat, put down the knife, and give yourself a smile
Youve been by me since day one
You will be with me till the end
Dont you go


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