How I Lose My Granddad From Cancer


They say good come to those who wait,

Thats a lie cause you feel pain everyday,

You constatly loosing your hair

You don't won't your family or no one too see you that way

Cause all they going to do is stare

You starting to loose your memory

Asking what have gotten into me

You cry, you scared, you hurt, you unware

You fighting but its not going away

Docotor's lyed say that you was going to be okay

Laying in the hospital bed, Its a force

Doctor's said you free to go home but mother nature would take your course

A month later you was just laying in your bed

Your eyes close, Grandma annouce that you was dead

Family met up that same day

Just too see you before they took you away

The topic is if I can change one thing about my relative what would it be ?

That you would have fought cancer and would have been cancer free.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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