How I Let Go

Its the end of another day

as thoughts go through my head I hear myself

thinking and reminiscing about the good and bad

wishing and hoping

crying and moping

laughing and singing

all of it flashing and pausing at the right moment

where i was surrounded by the people i love and i feel it

the humming of birds forming words that can only be heard by me

No, I'm not crazy that i know for sure

the time has come for me to write all my feelings and thoughts

it may rhyme it may not

it can be super short or so very long

sometimes i share it with friends and family 

i always share it with my followers

letting the message or the way they interpret the words resonate with them

no matter what i say nothing matches the words on my paper or screen

it means so much to me that others can find comfort in my spirit

it also comforts me 

this is how i let go 

this is what poetry means to me 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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