How I Felt

I never thought there'd come the day

When I'd say what I need to say

Normally I wouldn't do it this way

But I need you to be understanding me right  

Because there's fighting in my heart making me struggle for what's mine

Mine as in what I had

spending time that was precious

You are the thing I can't do without.

I know without a doubt

I'm without myself when you're on another side

I tore myself apart trying to forget

Something I can't even want to regret

This is why I'm so tired

And there's no one I can confide

So I'm gonna write about it you bet

I used to melt At the sight of you

Thinking of everything I wanted to do

But also loving the acceptance

Knowing I didn't have to live in repentance for being myself

You sent an arrow through my heart

I know you'll make me fun of me for that

It's just sometimes the truth is dumb

but I'd rather tell you about it than be numb

You won my heart over so I'm not able to accept when you say it's just over

It's hard not to over think when you're Bored

I'm not gonna lie the thoughts without you made me question life

But I don't want you to miss me like the last guy

So for now I'll dream of a kiss in drugged bliss

Its when i say shit like this

That I deserved to be dissed

Regardless of whether I’m missed

I gotta live as I see fit

That’s a bid I’ll give it all to

Cause if the shoe fits

keep your wits not everything is made to be worn

Can't say I didn't warn myself


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