How I Felt


United States
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No one can understand how I felt.
When it happened I wanted to scream.
The pain inside me was a tightening belt.
I was struck by an ominous lighting beam.
I wanted to sit in the sun and melt.
Just melt away all the pain and sorrow.
Will it all leave today, or will it all leave tomorrow?

No one can understand how I felt.
It’s as if I was crashing down like a building.
My Utopia was breaking into little pieces.
There was no known healing.
When I asked everyone for advice,
They left me cold and frozen like ice.
I don’t believe anyone deserves this feeling.

You can’t possibly understand how I felt.
You treated me as if I were sleazy.
The damage to my heart is completely irrevocable.
Loving you and sticking around was everything but easy.
Trust you again? Sorry, but I’m no longer able.
Love was left at a hiatus & I can admit I was petulant.
Sooner or later you will see, you’re jaded without me.


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