How I Feel About You

I wish I could give You everything You are worth simply because You are so worth it. Being human means that I am incapable of doing so, therefore I will give You every fiber of my being. From my talents to imperfections they're all Yours. Simply because You are so worth it. I could not express how I feel about You even if there were words to describe Your greatness. I have taken it upon myself to knit together letters to describe Your excellence to me. I am BEJOOCED when I think of Your goodness and what You have done for me. I am malated when I read the greatest love story ever told: John 3:16. I am overwhelmed by Your love and crazy about who You are. You are so perfect. Your humbleness and meakness makes You all the more beautiful. In other words, the fact that You lowered yourself to my level, just to save this imperfect being, is simply outrageous. I will never understand Your thinking nor comprehend Your logic. But it is okay because Your love is sufficient.


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