How Far My Ocean Would Go

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 14:52 -- ahaze

I often wondered how far my ocean would go
Reaching the edge of a shore; waves rolling slow
In this ocean I crept only inches in this sea of blue
Crawling from blackness, the salt stinging my view
Breath so precious, its warmth like a Santa Ana wind
The compass had drowned, I knew not where to begin
I couldn't go after it and face those depths below
I'm focused on that lighthouse, a boat with a row
Massive into eternity as wet curls wrap my neck
Cleaving themselves around me like I'm the ship's deck
I wish I was, yet I'm looking for a life line of my own
Desperately seeking beneath another sea of stars alone
The moon slowly wrapped me in a rolling blanket by night
My eyes shut closed, convincing myself to fight
What would grab me, leaving the bubbles of floating air
My Santa Anas would stop, a thought I could not bare
I matched the buoyed rhythm, my body matched its moves
My dignity continued to gradate, my own life I'm about to lose
Lost in all four corners of sea, my fate I could not bother
When arrived a seeking sailor, my one and only father
Life swept into my wet skin and the winds were aridly hot
Lips parched from thirst, words tried to tremble but could not
The sea dissolved beneath my feet, I had become so free
Like the innocent schools of silver fish that danced around me
In my father's boat, I do not wonder how far my ocean would go
We have reached the edge of the shore; the waves rolling slow
I was once between two seas looking for a life line from afar
My father shared one with me, now I reach for the sea of stars

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