How to Drown a Mermaid

I fell in love once and that will never happen again

People say there are plenty more fish in the sea but no, not for me 

See love like this was supposed to be a dream 


At first it was rose petals and silver bells

I fell for a man who promised heaven instead he brought me hell 

There it was, wrapped in a pretty red bow 

I never knew a person who told me they loved me could make me feel this low 


See I am sick of the other women, the late nights, the tall tales

Go catch another fish like you found that other girl 

I no longer wish to be part of your world

Yet I thirst for you

Drinking from a bottomless cup filled with the flaw of this man 


How could you leave me for a girl you barely know 

Now she is your queen and somehow it's me you barely know ?

Once, I fell in love once upon a time 

And that will never happen again 

Because the love I always dreamed of is no longer mine

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LOVE it.

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