How Do We Stop This

He cries alone in the hall holding himself. He wonders how kids could be so crule.he wishes he could stop the teasing. He wants to put this all behind him stuff the memory on the highest shelf. "HOW DO WE STOP THIS!?" he asks. "How do we stop the bullying? how do we stop this from happening to anyone else? How we stop the verbal abuse? The physical abuse? I step off the bus and dred what next when the boys come towrds me and oush me around calling me names. I hate to come home and fake a smile for my mom only to go to my room and sobb. I sobb and think what is left for me? How do we stop this? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!"

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Amazing poem. I think everyone has been bullied at one time in their life and we know how much it hurts to be called such hateful names or to be physically bullied. I love your user name btw. Please read my poems because I would love some feedback.

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