How dare you?!

How dare you
Make me love you
When you didn't care

How dare you
Tell me you love me
When feelings aren't there

How could you
Touch my lips with yours
Then use them to speak lies

How could you
Lie: say you like me too
Looking in my eyes

Why would you
Hold my hand each day
Knowing how I felt

Why would you
Then speak of her
I wish you'd go to hell

Why should I
Believe your smile
Your kisses on my lips

Why should I
Trust your hand as it
Holds my fingertips

I know for you
This means nothing
I'm just part of a game

I know for you
I'm not important
Every girl's the same

For Me, though,
It's just different
You're a main priority

For me, though,
It's something else
More than a crush, you see?

I love you
So fuck you for that
It's really just not fair

I hate you
Because I love you
And I know that you don't care


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