How Could you Live without a Basketball

Sun, 03/13/2016 - 12:55 -- tmori98

All I really need is...

One thing that i could never live without

It Is a special something

A basketball!

So much joy in just material filled with air

I can find a goal anywhere

But, a basketball

Is like that Goals soulmate

There's no shooting hoops

Without a Basketball

I can't live without it, because

I’ve grown with it

I’ve failed more with it

But most importantly

It helped me become a better person

Also Strive for things I really Want

How could you not live without it

My heart would be crushed

My Basketball, is like a on and off relationship

We both want to be together, but

I just don't do enough to keep it satisfied

So it leaves me for a short period of time

Then it always come back

It's hard to Explain

Just know

I hate this stage

But I promised to make it better

The Joy it gave me my freshman year

Is just unbeatable

Making the basketball team

After being cut my eighth grade year

Then it was just me

And the ball

I struggled trying to keep it

So why would I want to Live

Without It!!!.


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