How could you

Why do this to me?

Why us three?


Why can't you see

How could you leave me be


Can't you see me cry

Don't you ear me aski'n why?


I've cried so many times that my eyes are bone dry

When you come nearby don't you even dare deny


I need you there to hold me and tell me it will be alright

Instead no mother is out of sight


Imagine if someone did this to you

Then your mind will be on a another view


It makes your heart wanna break through

Past the pain all i gotta say is how could you?


I can now see you crystal clear

You've made me face my fear

of being alone every year

The thought used to make me shed a tear


But now i'm strong

I bet you knew all along

I can finally sing my song

and now i have a sense of right and wrong


I got something that i can finally say to you

Thank you

Look how much i grew

I am wise too

Thank you


But that doesn't mean i still don't ask how could you

I'm just saying thank you


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