How could you?

How could you?

Choose man over us

You took a piece of me that will often leave me in disgust.

How could you?

Love strangers more than your children

What is your excuse for choosing man over us?

Was it because of your past?

How could you?

Let your past reflect your cold heart?

I must change what you've started because i'm way to smart

to let my future baby girl feel as empty as I do at 23 years old.

This hurt will never unfold

How could you?

Choose to leave at my 1 year mark

When I was born did you not feel a spark in your heart?

I get lost and numb sometimes because I can't imagine leaving my future baby girl.

My mind can not grasp that swirl

How could you?

Pack your bags and give us to our dad to deal with? 

You're so selfish. I can't fathom your cruel ways 

I often wonder do you daze about it at all

How could you?

Put me in so much pain 

Oh, God what a shame

How could I?

Still try and have a mother-daughter relationship with you

when you want nothing to do with me.

You have no idea what i'm going through mentally trying to get through you

I'm your youngest daughter, but you don't seem to bother.

...but how can I still love you at the end of it all, mom 


sincerely, your baby girl

Jennifer A. Ramos 

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My family
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Wow, this speaks to me on so many levels. We have much of the same story. My father left me when I was very young and I tried so hard to keep a relationship with someone who didn't want one. It's tough. Keep your head up, this experience will make you a great mother because you know the pain that came with this experience. 


Thank you @bbaughman! It has been a tough journey

but I wouldn't change my strength that i've gained over time.

We must stay strong together! :) 


Strong poem


Thank you :) 


I love you writing style. This poem speaks to me in the sense, my dad left me at 1 also before I even had a say in asking him to stay. It’s crazy when you think about it, someone not showing affection to the human being you put on this earth yourself. I am glad I got to experience reading your poem. Keep your head high and use your rough situations as a lesson in hopes you never make your daughter feel the way you do:)


Thank you so much for your kind words! :) 

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