How Can You Live Without a Heart?


            Ever since I was young, my mom always said what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. But what if it does? What if something is just so bad, so heavy a part of you dies; a crucial part, the most important piece, important organ, could you survive? So, I wonder could you live without a heart.

            Most kids loved the fourth grade. They had their most treasured, most exciting memories, like riding a bike for the first time or going to camp; maybe even their first family trip, but not me. You see when I was only ten, I lost the most important part of me as a human, I lost my heart.

            It was a gloomy, rainy day. The rain drops on the window reflected my yearning stare and the lingering silence in the car. My best friend was driving me to school like every other day, but today felt different. The erratic coughing was now the only sound in the car. My young eyes glanced at the once happy face, but the welcoming smile was there no more. My eyes returned to the window hoping, dreaming of the better days. At 3:15 I knew. When my aunt picked me up it was another long, silent drive home. My stomach was troubled and my gut was aching. At home my mom said, “He’s just in the doctor’s office he’ll be back.” With all my heart I wanted to believe her, but I knew. This was going to my last heartache, my last day with a heart.

            When my best friend left me he didn’t leave empty handed; he took my heart. I was so jealous, so envious of all my friends who still had their hearts. They feared detention and middle school. I feared losing another friend, another part of me because to this day I still wonder if I’m alive if you can’t live without a heart. 

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