How Can We Even?


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United States
41° 49' 11.5752" N, 84° 45' 8.8128" W

We were called to be the salt of the Earth,

But we’ve become flavorless,


And Chalky.

So our opinions and advice get tossed aside as a result.


While all this transpires,

While the world gets drunker,

And Higher,

We watch with contempt,

But we forgot that where we begin,

Is with sin.

We put ourselves up in a tower,

And with the thought,

“We are better,”

We glower,

But we’re so quick to forget,

We weren’t saved by our power,

But when we were so low that even the light of day was painful,

Let alone the shining glory of God,

We were saved,

Even at our darkest of hours.

And I don’t know about you,

But this was how it happened to me,

I cried out,


And He stepped in and said,

“I know you are,

But Me,

My Son,

We’re not.

Stop being a slave to sin,

Let My Spirit in and I will show you life,


And my stubborn heart said,

“But Lord,

Who am I to deserve you?!”

And He didn’t answer me with pacifism,

Or tell me it was okay,

That I was good enough.

He said,

“You, on your own, are bound to your struggles,

But I sent my Son for your sake.

Beautiful child,

You can be saved!”

See I was with my face to the ground,

With my hands lifted high,

And in my eyes,

There was no one who’d done worse than me.

But I saw Jesus,

And He was on the cross,

And the only thing I could think of,

Was “It is finished.”

And for the first time,

I didn’t cry,

“I’m unworthy!”

I shouted,

“Jesus, You are!”

And my heart knew peace.

So remembering all of this,

How can we even say we’re more lofty?

Especially when we’ve actually seen how lost we actually are.

And we know that the world can’t see that.

Even Jesus sat with the least and called them the greatest.

Have we forgotten what’s been said?

“Blessed are the meek and the lowly,

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

When we’re supposed to be servants of mankind,

Pointing people to God,

We’ve tried to make ourselves into kings,

And the Bible’s become our private Constitution,

That we amend and change to our convenience.

But we forget that God holds the place of honor,

And we should be grateful to even stand before Him.

So how can we even make the decision as to who can come to church,

When God says,

“What I’ve made,

You shall not call unclean.”

Why do we get to pick,

Who does and doesn’t need salvation,

When we were on the brink of eternal death ourselves?


Who have the privilege of bowing before the cross,

Should indiscriminately move over and say,

“Here, there’s room.”

Because while we were still wallowing and drowning,

In habitual sin,

God sent us someone with a Bible and a life raft.

And we didn’t say to this person,

“Glory, Hallelujah, I’m saved,”

We kept treading dangerous water,

And drank in enough to find it a solace.

The persistent message God was sending us was like seeing a lighthouse for the first time.

And just how we don’t like the fluorescents before eight,

We shut our eyes and refused to wake up,

Choosing a temporary dream over the inevitable daylight.

But that God-send,

That annoying,

Optimistic believer,

Kept hitting us over the head with the Truth.

And so,

To shut them up,

We read it,

And the light from land just got closer,

Till the shore was only a step away,

And all we had to do was put our hand,

In Jesus’.

But we saw the scars in them,

Our eyes caught on the lines on His forehead,

Where a bitterly made crown had been pressed,

And we wavered.

Our friend with the life raft had come aground,

And had placed themselves at His feet,

But it was us,

Whom His hand was stretched out to.

And finally,

All our doubts were overcome,

And we were pulled to dry land for the first times in our lives.

And not being able to stand,

We knelt.

So why can’t we do the same?

When the world is drowning,

Why can’t we be the ones in a life raft?

When we see people today,

And remember where we’ve been,

How can we even do anything different?


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