How Can I Fix It?


United States
41° 19' 16.6476" N, 72° 55' 42.0204" W

I need to be her
Or maybe be you
Whichever, just help me
Conspire in blue
A dark, navy cover
To hide my first name
If ever you saw it
You'd think me insane
I can see it now:
You'll say, “Why not burst free?”
Eyes downcast I'll reply,
“When I'm me I can't breathe.”
Perplexed with head scratching
You'll backwardly fade
With me reaching my fingers
To offer you aid.
Wait, that's not entirely true
The curing is for me
You left without fixing
My soul is in three
Part one needs your love
Part two's strength is lost
And as for part three,
Telling is not worth the cost.


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