How to Calm a Fickle Mind

Sometimes my brain kicks on overdrive

Running in circles and swirls and lines

Antsy with thoughts I can't place racing by

I can only conclude that I won’t be fine.


One such day I took a walk

And cried out, “Help me, I’m tired”

Soft sweet ferns whispered and soothed

While swaying trees beckoned to the wild


I took off my shoes and I laid in the grass;

I closed my eyes,

and found my thoughts





But still my toes tapped.

My fingers drummed.

My legs bounced.

My brain hummed.


So I opened a notebook to a blank page

I wrote the date and began in a haze.


The pen pinned down ideas, helped me think things through

Drawing out a branched path

Allows a better point of view.


I sat on the ground, then I laid on my bed;

I found a hard bench, then I stood on my head—

But all the way through my notebook was there

My pen kept on moving, my brain far from bare.


The sun dipped down low

I held up my scrawled art

Wisdom from the labyrinth

Untangled by the heart


I read it through a time or two

Tracing back every word—

The lilted prose, the rhythm and groove

I heard my song in the birds.


They chirped and danced, so I sang along with them

Flitting through dappled leaves

I flew through pink clouds, then I rested on a bough

For the world is what you believe.


I realized then with a stilted grin –

That my legs were not shaking as they had been


My fingers were still

My teeth did not grind

My mind floated gently

I said, I am fine.


My stomach was free of butterflies and moths;

My body was airy, no longer a sloth.


I walked down the path with the moon smiling too

And I scribbled a note:

Write to break through.


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