How AVID Saved Me

I haven't taken statistics but here's a probability

A young boy learning about all his impossibilities

His ability slated down to mediocre normality

Immortal dreams combatted to make mortal, a fatality

But in actuality, his cortex allowed him to create a new reality

Transcending gravity to create a new mentality

And rendering any negative input a fallacy

And the young boy, when the need to reminisce arose

Decided to figuratively juxtapose himself onto a rose


Without a crack on the rose, a rose in the crack grew

Waxing by the wayside until it could come up too

When the rose grew up and it's stem flew up,

It looked up to the sun and allowed its petals to come through

Believed it could be whatever it wanted to be

Believed it could achieve whatever it wanted to achieve

And the rose bloomed and it succeeded.



What if I told you that the flower was enrolled in AVID?

That it avidly chased after its dream, even in the face of aphids?

That the flower-sucking insects couldn’t suck the soul and basis out of his base

And that it was determined to succeed, no matter the case

That one fateful day, it went to a school where AVID was a prerequisite

And begrudgingly discovered a tool so exquisite

Oh, what a discovery!

That even artisans from the Stone Age to industrial industries

Could not have fashioned such a magnificent tool with ease

What if I told you that the rose went in to AVID disinclined?

Its mind designed to be defiantly defined

Growing from a crack, it was used to its environment being unkind and confined

That an environment so warm and open to help, it could not get its mind behind

But slowly and surely, it began to unravel and unwind

Engaging in the AVID way, its thoughts and their processes became aligned

Organizing its thoughts and its school business, it took to classwork when it was assigned

Created Cornell notes, drew and outlined its paper with such a wise design that made studying so streamlined

And suddenly, it began to succeed! It was no longer in an academic bind

Its schoolwork and processing skills became so refined

The flower could finally see the truth about AVID, it was no longer blind

Things seem clearer, teachers seemed to teach with ease

Classes that used bend the flower’s stem now moved along like a gentle breeze

A’s became expected, not wanted, classes passed with class

Oh was that flower a force to be reckoned with in science, like acceleration times mass

Or in math where dissemination of Gaussian elimination became so brazen

Or in English where Hamlet was no longer a reason to fret

Because alas, double, double toil and trouble, with AVID, all the big and boisterous words became subtle

Finally, success could be achieved without stress, and undoubtedly, the flower was at its best

Discovering a pathway to engage and succeed in which it succeeded

In a classroom focused on success was all that it needed

But these have all been what ifs, nothing but a hypothetical fantasy

A phantasm that my mind casually conjured craftily

So let us get to the truth, the nitty gritty

If I were to converse in an AB form for the entirety of this speech, surely it would be a crime

So it is officially time to switch to prose and abandon the scheme of rhyme


If you haven't reasoned already, I was the rose in the crack who rose from the crack without a crack on me. I was the student unwilling to enter AVID and use all of the resources that were at my disposal but luckily, like a bamboo plant, I bent but did not break, and when I bounced back, I dug my roots in and stayed up. Giving thanks to determined and wise teachers and a wonderful program, I can truly say that AVID definitely saved my high school career. Cornell notes became my currency, my AVID binder became my 3-inch wallet, and I was ready to spend. Teachers operated around the AVID way, helping us students utilize Cornell notes, planners, and binder organization techniques, to the fullest. I never imagined that going to a school such as mine, an early college, could be so smooth and efficiently worked through, but of course, that was before I knew about AVID. I am so glad that I discovered AVID in high school and that I had the wisdom to engage myself in the methods because success is truly the only outcome if you do. I can gladly say that I am a testimony to the AVID tagline of “Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage,” and if you do not believe me, at least the colleges that I have been accepted to, do. In my future, I plan to keep and utilize AVID strategies because I have heard from others that it works so well and it truly creates an advantage over those who do not use it, and any advantage is a good advantage. Going into college with AVID, I see nothing but success in my future, AVID binder wallet and all, and finally, the rose who rose from the crack can take a crack at college, thanks to AVID.

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