How The Anti-conformist Met The Bug

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 14:31 -- jomeluk


Creationalists unit under the inequities created by my all powerful being!

Believing is seeing yet vision unclear, full guns ahead, let the blind man steer.

Allow imagination to become fact under the false cognitive language known as loyalty.

Let us relive our endeavors, day by day until the pertinence deteriorates.While the amalgamation of leftover material goods meet the capitalist ventures that rule it, we will be honoring thy code.

Allow us to worship you, our highness; we are yet worthy of thine intellectual divinity.

Hah! The one to refute your power must be some free - thinking anarchist willing to allow destruction in order to achieve a grander illusion. 

We are not the collaborative biotic creatures you frame us to be! We are not one! We are under the impression of individualism while working to allow units to act in our place.

Allow politics to rule the social landscape and religion to create our taboo! You'll see! Your current vision is unclear, your current cognitive function has failed, and your idea of a perfect world has left your mind, never to return.

What have you left outside of a hollow shell? Nothing? You impose assumptions onto your own being! Why is that? I demand you cease in the perplexing action and regain consciouness. It won't hurt; it won't hurt!

Despite my outward appearence, my socially inept speech has a proclivity for influence. This sort of influence is not what I craved to be responsible for. Please wake up my friend. I request you wake up. I also possess dreams.  


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