You hear it all the time

I want to change the world

I want to save it

But how

How can I

How can you

Just one person

Change the world

Save it

How can I

Stop pollution and global warming

How can you

End poverty and hunger

How can I

End violence and create world peace

How can you

Create equal rights for all

Some might say

Just take it one step at a time

But the child inside me

Was told

From a young age

That I was a prodigy

I was an expert at everything I did

The second I did it

So now

Whenever I come across something

That’s too difficult

I quit

And boy,

Is changing the world difficult

But maybe you and I

We don’t have to change the world

Or save it

All in one go

What we need to do

Is help

Help those around us


Treating them kindly


Recycling and not littering


Walking instead of riding in a car


Standing up for others in everyday situations

How do


How do


Change the world?

Save it?

You change the people

The environment

As much as you can

That’s how


This poem is about: 
Our world


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