A hostile work environment

Sat, 09/07/2019 - 19:19 -- NSWills

Sexual harassment policies oppress

If I feel it, it must be true

Employee morale they do suppress

The constant angst makes everyone blue


Perception is reality is a noxious notion

Even bystanders pretend offense

Encouraged by a hocus-pocus policy potion

Where alleged perpetrators have no defense


Stressed workers stew in cognitive distortions

Mental muddles confound their overreaction

Perception may not reflect the situation

When Guilt is presumed, begin the inquisition


Strong sexual harassment polices we need

All complaints we’ll fairly adjudicate

A positive and respectful workplace indeed

Proven offenders we won’t exonerate


But the pendulum has swung away too far

Mindful managers withdraw, mentoring to no avail

An unforgiving milieu with a sexual harassment tsar

Where a hostile work environment prevails


Blaming, generalizing, magnifying and filtering

Exaggerated emotions engender stress and commotion

Catch-all decrees entrap, distrust they bring

A positive workplace has no hocus-pocus policy potion

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Our world


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