The Hopeful Mirage of Water In The Distance (News)



Watching weighted stories singing cry songs of tragedy

Screen and speakers purging

Only deatlh or fear and death

to tighten anxious bones

of quiet mothers

who purchase the safest car for future offspring 

and surge forward  to find truth like all headaches and orgasms and vibrations; fading through time

eventually forgetting reasons to fight against the obvious

and accept the singular hand's sour spoon


Anxiety in eyes of patrons at your local bar

hearing murmered sighs telling others tales of woe fed to idle men through iron pixels

only to make vaguely compassionate comments amongst each other

followed by a snide retort by the young adult father who favors sitcoms over hugging

followed by the laughing souls returning from their reflective clouds

back to squinting through opaque facade that they all think indentify as 


which is only the one true lie we all think we grasp so steadfastly


I just want everyone to be happy and realized the absolute truths and subtle concretions 

that create harmony 

like that most humans are monsters but have the capacity to love in all aspects

and that consciousness is the one true closeness to anything we call 'God'

That there is no reason for life, and all that is, just is


Life is so short

help one another find peace within the sphere of awareness we all share as a community of

neighbors and strangers

to draw borders and make enemies when the reality of life is that no such things exist

our paradigm is sour

and it makes my brain pucker 

but when I watch the news

my brain sees my sister drown in a flood or unknown hero revolt in a country I cannot pronounce the name of

and sends signals to my eyes to weep but to forget an hour later as I talk to another person 

about mindless musings of pop culture's sculptured children superstars

telling me to forget what's important 


I don't know who I am 

I don't know how to be who I cannot believe to dream to decide

There is no one to point me in the right direction

but the odorless colorless box that filters delightful crimes with silent altriusm 

this sits behind my eyes

and accepts the man on the news at face value for the last time



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