HopeA simple word with


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A simple word with more meaning behind it than you think
You ask me what my hope is
And there are many ways I could answer
I hope that one day this country will accept all people
Black, white,
Gay, Straight,
Man, Woman,
It does not matter
I hope this country will choose love and acceptance
Over money and power
I hope that my little sister never looks in a mirror
And cries because she hates what she sees
I hope my little brother never hits another person
Just to prove that he is a man
I hope
That one day society will stop trying to tell
Young people how to live their lives
And finally let them just live
I hope that every girl feels beautiful
Exactly the way she is
I hope that our children will learn
To stop attacking each other
And unite together for one cause
I hope that no one ever goes through
The horrible things that I had to go through
Simply because I didn't meet their standards
This hope that i have is far from reality
But the farther away it is
The harder we must fight for it


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