Hope the Founding Fathers Kept Their Receipt

God Bless America

God Bless America, if America blesses you

God Bless America

God Bless America, that red, white, and blue

What does a color mean?



What does that represent?

God almighty, man's need to repent?

Purity of heart?

The bliss of ignorance?

Or what we're trying to keep pure with that fence?



Tell me what does a color mean?

Loyalty to my royalty, long live the king,

and lock up the man barely keepin' above ground,

or maybe kill him so he can't torch your shit down



rum, red runs in these streets

in your streets, Wall Street, and the beggar's feet

race wars, MS-34 with the poppy seeds

inject some in your red, sweet release, America please

God bless America


"God bless America!"

I wonder what the fat cats would say to a mouse like me.

Or are they too busy pickin' out colors like green jellybeans?

"God bless America!"

Then why ain't you blessin' us?

We are America; in us you trust!


(you wanted this)

I'm a model citizen

I'm a normal denizen  

God bless America 

That's all I say  

(you wanted this) 

God damn those thugs   

If you listen you can here 'em pray: 


"Give us a chance, we're all born damned!

Give us a chance; I can be holy; I know I can!

Just a lil blessin', and maybe then I'll behave

Just a lil more, yeah. that's the shit I crave

Matter fact give me everything you got; I say:

'Money, murder, and greed: that's America's way'"


From the heart:

Injustice is deep within our nation's conscious.

Society tell us we always need more money to be important.

When was the last time you worried about something real?

Do you worry about others, your mental health, the world?

Or do you fret over money more?

And what do I worry about?

A poem and a thousand dollars,

is enough to bring me to my knees.

God bless America, hope the Founding Fathers kept their receipt.


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This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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