Mon, 07/14/2014 - 18:23 -- lild
mommy im hungry 
and she replied sweetie i don't have any money
mommy i need this outfit 
and she replied sweetie i don't have it
and i knew it burned her inside too tell me no
i knew blessings would come our way they was just moving way too slow
and i felt like things was always low
when would my joy come 
when would the storm be done
because i just wanted to stop seeing my mommy cry those wet tears 
she had been crying them for years 
which made me wonder why did God place me here
i seemed to only be a burden 
a heavy rock placed on my mother's back 
that seemed to only push her further down
not cutting her any slack
and mommy i was hungry 
i was hungry for a way out for us 
money seemed to be the only way out but also it was what got us here
because we ain't have none
we ain't have faith either..
until one day i got on my knees
and decided to believe 
because hope was the only thing i had left
i was out of ideas 
and i was once told you could turn too him for anything 
no matter the damage you foster within
so i prayed 
she prayed too 
and my mother came home a week later with a raise and a promotion too 
and we cried 
look what he can do..
thank you God.


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