Hoods on Both Sides


If you’re going out then remember these few things.

                Keep your hands where they can be seen at all times. No hoods tonight, no starting fights. Don't run, listen son cause’ lacking these instructions will lead you to the face of a gun. Stay out of trouble. I know you're a good boy cause’ I raised you, but they don't know so they'll direct hate as the main view. We don't hate. BUT. In this world we shall negotiate. Pull your pants up, no sagging cause they don't know what you may be packing. Only an Arizona and pack of candy, here's your phone and five dollars. You need any help just give me a holler. If they start acting up you know I’ll be down there to catch a case, they don't look at us as humans just nothing but waste. So you trust none and hold that head high. You smart, you don't do drugs, and you ain't no thug. Don’t let anyone lure you into trouble. You and the one with the opposing color don’t have equal rights. You’ll suffer consequences double, no matter how big you put up a fight. So as we practiced you know what to do.

Go get ready and tell your sister to come here.

                Now you're a respectful young lady I know this, but they see uneducated dancing girls. That's not what you are, I gave birth to a queen. I know how you are, and don't make a scene. They test you to pick with your temper but remember... appropriate clothing, I know you're not a tramp nor do you dress like one but that's not how they view you. You are a dime piece, a special queen, let no one destroy that mental state. We descend from a long line of greats. Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, crowns, long gowns, trains with our dresses. They think only big lips, widened hips, and a derriere go along with this melanin. Prove them wrong cause’ you know that's not true. Take your jacket, be safe and I love you.


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Our world


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